Our Services

Our Production Management provides complete runkey "work for hire" production services including crew, equipment, insurance, payroll, union coordination and logisitics services.

Our Business Managment provides complete business operations including goverment and guiild complaince, implementing budgets, staffing, payroll, taxes and long term corporate strategy.

Our Technology Managment provides complete a complete IT solution from user support to installing and maintaning large networked systmes in a safe environment.

Motion Picture Production
Television Produciton
Web Series Production
Branded Media Production
Commercial Produciton
Industrial Productions
Production Schedules
Prodcution Budgets
Produciton Logisitics
Phsyical Production
Locations & Permitting
SAG-AFRA Signatory Services
Post-Production Supervision
Payroll Management
Script Writing
Series Development
Electronic Press Kits (EPK)
Live Streaming
Event Coverage
Promos/Sizzle Reels
Brand Value Enhancement
Viral Video Campaigns
Digital Channel Operations
Line Production
Accoutning Reviews & Audits
Distribution Management

Corporate Complaince
Brand Management
Business Development
Document Maintenance
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Asset Management
Contracts and Agreements Advisement
Tax Advisement
Credit Advisement
Corporate Management
Career Path Advisement
App Development
User Support for Windows
User Support for Mac OS
User Support for Unix
IT Networking
Systems Administration
Video Encoding
Web Site Design
Cloud Services
Virus Removal
Data Recovery
Digital Disaster Planning
Digital Security Services


We offer a wide array of services.


We utilize the best available talent.


We have been part of some great projects.